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Our Advocacy:

The Faculty Association is chartered by A Constitution for Faculty Participation in the Governance of Mercy College (2002) "to represent the Faculty as employees in all matters pertaining to terms and conditions of employment." As such, the Association represents faculty in:

  • Salary Discussions with the College
    • In recent years, our advocacy has resulted in the college committing to 2.5-3.0% annual salary increases, as well as salary equity adjustments that have addressed faculty who are paid less than their peers.
  • Other Employee Benefits, including:
    • Health Insurance—Mercy pays 80% of the costs!
    • Tuition Remission Program—Dependents and spouses receive free tuition!
    • Tuition Reimbursement program for faculty pursuing a terminal degree in their field.
    • Retirement Plans and Emeritus Faculty Benefits.
    • Faculty advice & advocacy in actions against faculty—including Grievance & Dismissal actions.

Our Priorities:

  1. Increase member participation!
  2. Continue to improve healthcare and dental insurance benefits.
  3. Explore the feasibility of post-retirement health insurance and part-time core status.
  4. Continue to monitor faculty salary levels relative to peer institutions and national norms at all ranks. Advocate for equity adjustments where necessary.
  5. Continue to oppose the overuse of visiting faculty lines. Advocate for conversion of visiting faculty contracts to full-time core contracts when a faculty member has already served two years on a visiting line.

Who We Represent:


  • Faculty from five schools (Business, Education, Health & Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts, Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • Library Faculty
  • Department Chairs & Assistant Deans
  • Faculty in all ranks: (Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor & Professor)
  • Faculty in several contract types:
    • Tenured Faculty
    • Tenure-Track Faculty
    • Multiple-Year-Contract Faculty
    • Multiple-Year-Contract Track Faculty
    • Five-Year Continuous Service Contract Faculty

Who We Do Not Represent:

  • College Administrators who also have a faculty appointment, such as the Provost, Deans, etc.
  • Faculty who serve primarily in an administrative role, such as Interim Dean.
  • Faculty on Visiting Faculty contracts
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Retired Faculty—although issues affecting retired faculty are of concern to current faculty who plan on retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Faculty Senate and the Faculty Association?

Ordinarily, the Faculty Senate is the voice of faculty in their role as academic managers of the College; that is, the Senate (and its subcommittees) makes decisions on matters of an academic nature. The Senate also speaks for the faculty in other College matters that necessitate consultation with the faculty, such as budget allocations and committee appointments.

In contrast, the Faculty Association represents faculty members' interests in their role as employees of the College. The FA represents faculty in matters such as salary and benefits, retirement, employment conditions, job security, and handling workplace conflict when it arises.

What is the relationship between the Mercy College Faculty Association and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)?

Mercy's FA also functions as an AAUP chapter organization. Members who contribute dues support our chapter and they receive the full benefits of AAUP membership. We believe this benefits our faculty by keeping them abreast of trends and emerging issues affecting the professorate at the national and state levels. AAUP membership also includes a subscription to Academe, and provides opportunities for online work-shops, in-person conferences, and access to numerous professional resources and standards for our industry.

Is the FA (or the AAUP, for that matter) a union?

No. There are AAUP Chapters that are collective bargaining units, but the Mercy AAUP Chapter is not.

What is the difference between the Faculty Association, the FA Executive Committee, and the FA Officers?

The Association is all full-time core faculty members of Mercy College. All members may bring matters forth to the Association and all members in good standing have an equal vote on those matters.

The Executive Committee is elected by the Association to set meeting agenda, reach out to members and act as delegates on their behalf.

The Officers have specific and limited roles in the organization. The President and Vice President preside over meetings of the Association; the Secretary maintains Association records and correspondence; the Treasurer maintains the Association's bank account and financial records.

If I join the FA as a dues-paying member, will this hurt my chances of getting tenure / a promotion / a renewal contract?

Absolutely not!

Our member list is confidential. When you file a dues deduction form, it is sent to Human Resources, who in turn notify Payroll so that deductions can be made. As with other personal information (such as your salary), HR and Accounting are bound by law to protect your privacy; the list of FA/AAUP members cannot be shared with the faculty and administrators who review your applications for tenure, promotion and renewal.

If you prefer however, you may pay annual dues directly (and confidentially) to the Faculty Association.

What is the cost of FA/AAUP membership?

If you are a full-time member of the core faculty, you are already a member of the Faculty Association. To vote on chapter business you must also be a member of our AAUP chapter.

AAUP dues are based on a sliding scale determined by your annual salary; it is approximately 0.25%, or 1/400th of your annual salary. In addition, dues include a contribution to our chapter fund, which is currently $24 per year. A faculty member making between $60,000 and $70,000 would pay a total of $194 per year, which works out to be a $8.09 deduction from each paycheck (in 2017).

Consider the fact that last year's salary increase was 2.0%. This is considerably higher than the small 0.25% cost of membership. To put it another way, the cost of membership is more than covered by a single year's pay increase.

If the Faculty Association already represents my interests as full-time core faculty at Mercy, why should I join as a dues-paying member?

The Faculty Association is always eager to know how rank-and-file faculty members feel about issues that concern them. In recent years, the FA has opened its election process so that all full-time core faculty may vote for the Executive Committee. That said, only dues-paying paying chapter members in good standing may vote on matters of chapter business or run for a seat on the Executive Committee.

More to the point, we know that members will participate more when they invest in the organization. And when more members participate, the FA speaks more loudly as a group. We believe that it is in the institution's best interests that faculty concerns are truly heard and respected; when those concerns are addressed and resolved, Mercy College becomes an even better place to work. Your dues make you an agent of change.

Please join us!

Executive Committee Members:

Kelly Blacker Business At-Large
Sean Dugan Liberal Arts
Pat Feaster Education Treasurer
Miriam Ford Health & Natural Sciences At-Large
Susan Gaskin-Noel Library Secretary
Lisa Martin Health & Natural Sciences
Helge Wasmuth Education At-Large
Denise Stefano Business President
Jim Towey Social & Behavioral Sciences
Stephen Ward Liberal Arts At-Large


Help us increase our Membership!

Joining our AAUP Chapter is easy: just fill out a form to have your dues deducted from your paycheck. To see how much the dues payments are for those in your salary band click here.

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